Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beautiful Black Hutch

Available for $425.00 (Sold)

I've had a lot of requests for black, so here it is!! This is a beautiful black hutch that has just been refinished in a classic black and has been distressed to show the beautiful brown undertones of the original wood finish. I have replaced the back paneling with beadboard to add a little extra charm to this piece of furniture. The hardware was also replaced to match and of course I put several layers of polyurethane on for durability.

The dimensions are 43 1/2" wide, 19" deep and 70" tall.

Please email with any questions.


  1. this is like
    torture for me!
    these hutches
    are amazing,
    sure wish i
    had a house to
    put one in, and
    all the money in
    the world to
    pay you...someday
    though, so please
    don't stop doing
    these wonderful
    pieces because
    when i am able to,
    i want it to
    be a "lindsay original".

    catie p.

    still haven't
    touched the
    chest or the
    armoire yet...

    ps ps
    i'm planning
    on blogging
    about your
    lovely stuff
    so hopefully
    you get some
    more people
    looking at your

  2. i blogged about
    your blog and
    my friends have all
    called me to tell
    me they're in love!

    catie p.

  3. You are so talented! I was wondering if you do kitchen cupboards? I have solid oak cupboards that I hate and want to refinish. My email is if you're interested.