Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks to Sami for taking all of my pictures!! I love her photography. If anyone is looking for a great photographer check out her website at You won't be disappointed!

Key Rack

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I get my two girls ready, myself ready, pack the kids bags to head out the door, track down my purse that is never in the same place, walk out the door, put my girls in their car seats and then I realize....I have no idea where my car keys are!!! I used to have such a great memory until I became a mom. What happened?? Keys are the one thing I just can't keep track of. One day I came across (One of my new favorite blogs). There was a project on this site that was titled "Easiest Artwork on the planet." That sounded like the only kind of artwork I might have a chance of being capable of. Then it dawned on me. What if I was actually able to do some artwork that I wouldn't mind displaying in my home?!?! Then I thought if it looks bad, is there something I can do with it to give it a purpose other than something awful to look at?

Then it came together. My sister had given me some awesome decorative keys for my birthday. I needed a place to keep my keys. So I combined the artwork with my need for a place to keep my keys and this is what I came up with. I actually really like it and I think I have saved myself a good five to ten minutes every time I leave the house!

If anyone is interested I would love to make some more of these. I have a lot of colors and patterns to choose from for the trees. The cost would be $15.00.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful Black End Table

Available for $50.00 (Sold)

I painted this end table black but that just wasn’t enough! I added a beautiful off white design on the front that adds that extra pop that I was looking for. I think that this table would be a classy addition to any room! I also thought it would look beautiful in a bathroom with a basket on top to hold your towels.

This table is 16” wide, 14” deep and 27” tall.

Please email with any questions.

Available for $80.00 (Sold)

I painted this rocking chair black and reupholstered it in a fun black and off white fabric. The edges were finished with a black cording to match. It is a fun accent chair and matches perfect with the black end table as well. This chair also has the polyurethane top coat for durability.

This chair is 33” tall, 17” wide and the seat is 16” deep.

Please email with any questions.

Rustic Cupboard

Available for $70.00 (SOLD)

I love rustic furniture and this piece was a lot of fun to do. It has been stained a beautiful warm dark brown and finished with two coats of polyurethane. It also has a rustic knob that goes great with the warm brown finish. It has two shelves inside.

The dimensions are 20 ½” wide, 12 ½” deep and 30 ½” tall.

Please email with any questions.

Solid Maple End Table

Available for $40.00 (SOLD)

I painted this table “marine” blue and added a fun design on top to give it a little character. This is a solid maple table that will last forever!
This table is 16” wide, 16” deep and 28” tall.

Please email with any questions!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vintage Desk

Available for $115.00 (SOLD)

Beautiful vintage writing desk refinished in a celery-green color and distressed to show a rich chocolate brown undertone. Under the desk there is a shelf for storage. This is just a fun and unique desk. It was finished with several layers of polyurethane for extra protection!

Overall dimensions: 46" wide, 28" deep, 30" tall. The lower writing portion is 25.5" tall. The bottom shelf under the desk is 9.5" off the ground, 8" deep, and runs along the entire 46" width of the desk.

More Adorable Frames!

Currently Available for $55
(Custom sizes and colors available upon request!)

Here is another adorable picture frame set of three. The two smaller frames hold a 5x7 photo and are painted green with brown polka dots. The larger frame will hold a 12x12 photo and is painted brown with green polka dots.

Please email me with any questions at

Adorable Polka Dot Frames

Currently Available
(Custom sizes and colors available upon request!)

Here is an adorable picture frame set of three to add some character to your kids' pictures! They each hold a 5x7 picture. These frames are painted in a soft pink with brown polka dots embellished with a cute metal flower in the corner of each frame.

The pink and brown frames are available in a set of (3) 5x7's for $45 or (2) 5x7's & (1) 12x12 for $55. The frame that holds the 12x12 picture is painted brown with pink polka dots.


It feels like it's been a while since I have posted something new but I promise it's because I have so many fun projects in the works! I hope to have some of them posted within the week. My two biggest projects are a LARGE, HEAVY kitchen hutch and a BEAUTIFUL antique kitchen buffet.

I am also working on another FUN and UNIQUE planter for a garden. I have had the supplies for this for months and have been so excited to get started on it. I would love to get this finished so someone can enjoy it in their garden this season!

I also have some ADORABLE picture frame sets I just finished for both a girl and a boy's room. I will try to get pictures of these and post them today!

Stay tuned.....Lots of fun projects coming soon!!!!